Mark Simons has a gift for tackling the very serious topics of self-defense! Mark mixes a healthy dose of humor with real life, defensive training and practical life saving tools. Mark proved to be an excellent choice and one of the favorite presenters of our Leadership Conference in Franklin, TN! Mark engaged with the audience as questions popped up and drew upon his Police and SWAT career without ever missing a beat! I highly recommend Empower Wellness and it’s CEO Mark Simons for your next event!

Mike P.
I have been training with Mark for about 9 months. I am a runner, but have lost muscle mass over the past years and my core was weak. No more! I have muscles that I have not seen since I was working with a trainer ten years ago. Mark is encouraging without being too mean (sometimes he is a little mean). In addition to his knowledge and ability to push me, he is simply an overall nice guy and makes training enjoyable. He will text me to encourage me if he knows I have a race or a long run scheduled—a personal attention that many trainers would not give. My running has improved as a result of the strength training. I would recommend Mark Simons to anyone who asks. He is awesome!
Mark Simons has changed my life. I’ve gotten significantly stronger since I started working out with him and also noticed a huge difference in how active I’ve become at home too. I used to be really lethargic, but now it’s like something has been reborn inside me and I’m excited to be active. I can’t thank Mark enough for helping me turn my life around. Thank you Mark!
Before I got pregnant I knew I needed to make a change in my life, I was already doing some cardio but had never really worked out seriously until Mark. After training with him I was hooked, he made me feel comfortable with all the machines and weights! I soon after became pregnant and Mark has continued to help me work out and stay fit and healthy through my whole pregnancy. More importantly he showed me how to work out in a way that was safe for me and my baby. I get so many compliments on how great I look and that I am “all bump” and I have not gained any weight anywhere else! Which of course was a huge fear of mine. I am currently 8 months pregnant and have slowed down a bit but I am even more motivated to get back to the gym after baby. I know Mark will help me reach my goals of loosing baby weight and staying on a healthy track not only for me but so I can be the best for my husband and son. Thank you Mark!
I have worked with Mark for several years. I do not have the best exercise habits and have tried many things on my own. I would always go to the same machines, spend the same amount of time, and wonder why things were not changing. The thing about Mark is his routine is different each time. He focuses on legs or backs or arms and always works in core and cardio. I think my core strength is very good for my age (54) and I attribute that to Mark. He also is constantly looking for new exercises or uses for machines which makes it challenging. I highly recommend Mark for anyone.
Here at the City of Franklin, we are working to change our culture and mindset around health and wellbeing. We brought Mark in to assist in getting our City employees healthier, but he has delivered so much more! Our employees were originally turned off by previous instructors that pushed them to do things they simply were not capable of, due to current fitness levels, injuries, ect. Mark has come in and provided fitness classes that are available to everyone, of all fitness levels. He does a phenomenal job at thinking outside of the box, by including games and competition. His classes make exercise fun and challenging, whether you exercise regularly or are just getting back into the swing of things. Employees are losing weight, getting healthier, and are working as a team. We look forward to continued health and wellbeing with Empower Wellness!
I’ve done some work alongside Mark and he’s just awesome! Funny, charming, caring, generous, honest, just an all-around great man. He has a lot of experience in his fields and his teaching style is fun and practical. He loves to teach and he loves to learn and aims to help people as best he can. So glad our paths crossed and looking forward to hanging around this guy more!