Mark does not have the cookie cutter background when it comes to personal training or even self defense. He boasts of a highly successful law enforcement career. He worked 30 years for the same agency. He was so young when he was hired that his dad had to purchase his service weapon for him because he was under 21.

His career path went down many roads. He was a long time member of the SWAT team. He specialized in the training division. He helped carve the training method used today of scenario based training. This brings the real world to the student and helps them visualize how the tactic is used in real life.

His credentials include certifications in the following: Firearms, Use of force, Taser, and vehicle contacts, and field training officer.

Mark has taken the best of what law enforcement has to offer in regards to use of force and has cultivated it to a perfect blend for civilian use. This unique self-defense program works for several reasons.

First, it is street tested. Cops throughout the state take the tactics taught to them and use them on the bad guys. When things went south and did not work like they did in the classroom adjustments were made. This made the training fluid, and ever changing to make sure officers could accomplish their objectives without them or the perp being unduly injured.

Secondly, the tactics had to be simple and effective. They are explosive and can be performed by the snot nosed rookie or the overweight, soft veteran who enjoyed too many donuts in his time.

After being selected as Officer of the Year in 2010 Mark retired from law enforcement and moved from Wisconsin to Tennessee. Once there he took care of two important priorities.  He joined the Nashville Packer Backers where he could proudly wear his cheese head hat. He also obtained his certification through the accredited International Sports Science Association.

He immediately began working primarily at Franklin Athletic Club in his home town of Franklin, TN. He also ran a successful corporate boot camp for two years. Overtime Mark built up his clientele. He now is living the dream. He trains clients at their homes, subdivision health clubs and his home gym Franklin Athletic club.

In regards to training, Mark sees the value of training with intensity. As you get into a rhythm you learn how much your body can be pushed. If being guided by your trainer you can make incremental improvements that will reflect in muscle gain combined with fat loss. His preferred training method is high intensity interval training. This elevates your heart rate periodically. Research indicates that this is a highly effective method to burn fat beyond your workout.

His passion is going to the gym and working out. He sees himself as an “end user.” He enjoys researching new trends and clinical studies, apply them to his workout and if beneficial, passing it on to his clients.

Many people go to a gym and often “swim in the shallows.” What he means is that there are squat racks and free weights that for many, are too intimidating. So the average gym Joe hangs with the usual machines he feels comfortable with.  Mark likes to break down those barriers, introducing clients to new and tried and true lifts to increase lean muscle mass, and burn fat.

His goal is to educate clients in proper form, range of motion and how to push themselves to obtain the best result possible.

He feels the trainer’s job is to vary the workout. Our bodies are amazing. That being said, our bodies have a unique ability to adapt to our training routines. Therefore, routines need to be changed to force the body to adapt. Therefore, being creative, doing high volume sets, low rep sets, and drop sets are but a few ways to promote muscle gain and fat loss.

Mark is excellent in one on one personal training. But his background of teaching groups of police officers makes him equally at ease teaching groups. His latest endeavor was contracting with the Franklin TN police department. He ran a 10 week fitness/nutrition class for any officer who wished to participate. The results were amazing. In that short span of time the average officer lost 6 pounds of fat and gain 3 pounds of muscle. Training included circuit training. Basic weight training and cardio games. Interestingly, when given the chance the officers almost always wanted to play games. The point is well taken that exercise is an extreme stress reducer, and who is more stressed than our local police during these times of anti- police sentiment?

Coming alongside his clients is his greatest reward. Encouraging them in their diet. Pushing them for that last rep. Texting them the latest training article, or even joking with them when appropriate to keep things in perspective. This is his passion. Seeing his clients reach their goals is paramount. Having clients dropping their blood pressure medicine, or lose weight before the dreaded swimsuit season. It’s all good and a worthy cause to work together to obtain.