A fight avoided is a fight won. Anyone who tells you otherwise is giving you dangerous, ill-informed advice. That being said, there may be times when you will need to know how to properly defend yourself.

Here at Empower Wellness, we offer a Self Defense program to teach people how to recognize a dangerous situation, how to defend themselves, and the legal rights they have pertaining to the extent to which they can defend themselves.

Some of the Techniques and Lessons You’ll Learn from our Self Defense Program
  • Boundaries, Body-Language, and Other Forms of Threat Assessment

    The first step to self-defense is to recognize a bad situation and gauge the level of danger involved. From simple bullying to boundary-invading harassment to full-on aggression, there are different levels of appropriate action that you can take. We’ll teach you how to spot a dangerous situation, how to prevent it from getting worse, and when you have the right to say enough is enough and defend yourself.

  • Stance, Strikes, and Kicks – The Basics of Self-Defense

    If you’re going to defend yourself, you’re going to need to know how to throw a punch. We’ll teach you the basics of unarmed combat, from having a proper stance to having the most effective power in your strikes and kicks, and we’ll make sure that you know how to defend yourself from the same.

  • Grappling, Ground Work, Holds, and Effective Falling

    Not every fight stays nice and pretty with standing strikes. In fact, more often than not, you’ll need to know how to defend yourself if someone tries to tackle and pin you. We’ll teach you how to defend yourself in the event the fight makes its way to the ground, how to properly (and legally) place someone in a hold, and how to effectively fall and reduce damage from being tackled or thrown.

  • How to Act in a Crisis Situation

    While we hope you will never be involved in an active shooter or terrorist situation, we would be naive to believe that there is a zero-percent chance of them ever happening to you. We’ll teach you what you should and should not do in these horrific scenarios so that, in the very worst-case scenario, you’ll have the knowledge to do what you can to make it out alive.

  • Handling Scenarios with Weapons

    Guns, knives, clubs, and tasers are all dangerous weapons that can cause serious damage in a fight, and the rules of self-defense can change the moment they come into play. In our Self Defense course, we’ll teach you what to do in a situation where a weapon is involved, how to disarm your opponent if needed, and the extent of force you are or are not allowed to exert with a weapon through self-defense.

  • Rules of Fighting and Legal Defense to Your Actions

    It may seem silly to think that there are rules you should follow when defending yourself against an attacker, but we put serious emphasis on teaching the legal ramifications of a physical altercation. There is a definite possibility that you could be sued or arrested by taking actions beyond your legal right. We’ll teach you those legal rights, from what you can and cannot do when no physical violence is involved to extreme situations where your life is endangered. Our goal is to make sure you’re equipped with the right knowledge to safely and legally protect yourself.

There is more to self-defense than getting into a physical fight at the drop of a hat. By and far, being equipped with knowledge is the most valuable resource you can have in a dangerous situation.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us now to enroll in our self-defense program.