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The Department of Homeland Security has given advice that should you find yourself in an Active Shooter situation to Run, Hide and Fight. Empower Wellness agrees with that strategy and has developed a hands on training course that supports local and Federal agencies training.

Police Departments throughout our country have been putting on excellent training classes. But where they leave off is where we pick up. We will come to your business, church or school and teach you how to tactically Run, Hide, and Fight.

The FBI reports that In the year 2000 we had one incident of an Active shooter in which 7 people were killed. In 2017 we had 30 incidents and a 729 people were killed.

Our goal at Empower Wellness is to keep you alive until the police arrive.

Our 30 years of law enforcement experience including SWAT, Firearms and Taser instructor are shared with the students.

Attention Employers – When we come to your company your people learn in part:
They Matter

You care about your employees. Having your employees partake in our training shows that you hold their well being first and foremost.

They Can Take Control

The importance of taking responsibility for your own safety and to be their own bodyguard. All too often we have a false sense of security thinking someone is going to save us. It’s their job we may think. We will empower your people to take responsibility for themselves.

Team Building

Your workplace has a special group of people with a variety of skill sets. By training in such intense scenarios we come to appreciate the different talents and strengths our co workers possess.

Mental Preparation for Close Quarter Human Aggression

Train to be able to overcome an up close and personal opponent who’s sole goal is to destroy you. We will equip you to stand your ground when others will be shrinking back.

Fear Management

Throughout the years police officers are known to be able to stand up to fear in crisis situations. We wonder, how do they do that To paraphrase Tony Blauer: “When you are thinking about and planning what you are going to do to your attacker more than what your attacker is going to do to you, you have entered into a place where you can manage your fear.” Our class will bring you to that place. We will provide you with a plan.

Importance of Personal Fitness and Wellness

Running, Fighting and even contorting your body to hide all place a physical demand on your body. If we are serious about being our own bodyguard and stopping a threat, we need to place a premium on our own personal fitness level. Our trainers have an extensive background and certifications in fitness and wellness training and can steer you to the right direction.

Don’t just sit there, do something

The heart of this training program is for the participants to roll up their sleeves and get the feel of an actual assault. We have no live guns or ammo, regardless it feels very real and lifelike. We will walk through an attack and and gradually increase intensity when appropriate.

One size doesn’t fit all

Let’s face it we are not all created equal. Some people will be lights out ready to jump in. Others may be a little more cautious or fragile. Participants are not required to be involved physically, and can engage at whatever level they’re comfortable with.

Cop Stuff

Our instructors share their street experience from what they learned as SWAT team members, and patrol officers. These tactics are tried and true and can be utilized by everyone.

Stay Alive until Police Arrive

An Active Shooter event 69% of them end in 5 minutes or less. We will give you the skill set to outlast the assault. We also provide basic gunshot Trauma care, in which you will be trained to slow bleeding and other life saving skills..

Hey we are the good guys!

So, we do a bang up job. We ran, or we hid or were even pressed to fight and we held on until police arrive. Those next moments are critical.We need the skills to convince the police that we are on their team as they work through a highly chaotic scene. We will walk you through those events so you can better assure your safety.

You’re Normal

You just survived an intense attack. There can be a lot of emotional fallout from this. It’s important that you know you are having a normal reaction to an abnormal event. Learn the coping skills taught to first responders to bounce back emotionally.

An Attitude of Gratitude

You just poured into your employees, students, or church members a life saving skill that they take with them to the mall, dentist or gym. You have poured into these men and women a gift that could save a life. Most will always feel grateful and many will refer back to your agency in a positive light for the depth of care that you displayed.